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The Avaloq Academy gears up for the future

The Avaloq Academy provides more than 10,000 days of high-intensity training and awards certification to 500 successful candidates each year, including participants from Avaloq, our partners and our clients. The academy’s mission is to develop and deliver a programme to build the expertise and professionalism needed to ensure the whole Avaloq community can work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

With business models evolving rapidly and new technologies emerging every year, our educational portfolio is constantly expanding.

Five years ago, to address the growing need for training in international locations, we introduced a programme of online courses. Today we offer 45 separate and specialized courses online, and we plan to add 20 more in the next two to three years. Alongside this online training, we also continue to deliver face-to-face training at our offices in Zurich, Edinburgh and Manila.

Our academy portfolio spans five areas: technology, customization, operations, implementation and the banking business. Training is offered for three levels of proficiency, with one- and two-day introductory courses, three- to four-week undergraduate courses (with associated certification), and continuous development courses – typically one or two days in length – including specialist courses and accreditation (or refresher) courses for those who are already certified professionals. These accreditation courses are updated and delivered every six months to ensure that Avaloq-trained professionals are always fully up to date with all the relevant Avaloq product capabilities and techniques.

The Avaloq Academy offering portfolio

With today’s increasing emphasis on the digital client experience, we have recently introduced a new certification course that focuses on customizing Avaloq’s new browser-based UIs (e.g. front workplace and web banking) and creating modern REST APIs using AMI Web Services. We also revamped the existing core platform certification course in 2017 and launched the first two accreditation courses in the area of customization to facilitate “re-accreditation” of Avaloq-certified professionals. The third course will be launched in autumn 2018.

Looking ahead, we have started rethinking the range of courses to reflect the major changes occurring in the banking industry. We see two key developments driving the need for new training programmes.

  • The growing demand for SaaS and BPaaS services will increase the level of activity in our service centres. Starting in 2019, we will be offering a new Avaloq Certified Operations Specialist course, aimed at establishing best practices, ensuring that newly recruited IT operations staff receive the best initial training and enabling existing staff to learn new skills as operations processes evolve. These courses will be open to our own staff, to partners operating the Avaloq software for client banks and to the IT operations staff of Avaloq’s on-premises clients.
  • To train implementation specialists from both clients and partners on the new sets of standard tools and artefacts that are available in GIM 2.0, we have worked with Orbium to develop a new certification programme, focusing primarily on project management. The first courses will be available in Q3 2018. As the demand for GIM training increases, we will further expand this programme to provide a cross-functional overview.

In addition to the GIM courses, we have already launched three on-site courses for agile project management, in cooperation with finaplana AG. An online Agile Fundamentals course will follow in autumn 2018.

New courses will be provided, as appropriate, as online programmes, classroom sessions or, in some cases, a mix of the two delivery formats.

Published Date 29/11/18 15:19 PM

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