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Ensuring implementation success

Ensuring we have enough qualified people, with the right skills and expertise, to help our clients with their implementation projects is a key element in Avaloq’s global growth strategy.

This year we will be expanding our existing worldwide implementation force by more than a third, adding at least 50 new implementation specialists in Europe and another 40 in Asia Pacific (in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines). We will also be merging the two separate units currently responsible for on-premises and SaaS implementations to provide a more flexible and responsive service.

As well as adding more implementation professionals, we are also going to create a business consulting team in each market, starting with Switzerland, to provide clients with strategic advice on optimized operating models, best practices and business case modelling.

New partner resources

Growing Avaloq’s global footprint is not, of course, just about our own resources. In line with our philosophy of working collaboratively within an open ecosystem, we are continually scanning the market to find and recruit suitable implementation partners. We have recently signed an agreement with GlobalLogic, a new consulting and software development partner that will work with us on initiatives such as the REST API programme and our transition to microservices.

We currently work with 30 implementation partner companies. Our partners have nearshore and offshore centres in Poland, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, India, the Philippines, Malaysia and China. With our own team and the 1,200 specialists employed by our partners, this makes a global total of about 1,500 trained and certified Avaloq and third party professionals who are available to assist with implementations.

Over the last three years, we have entered new partnerships to increase skill sets in the new technologies used to provide front-end capabilities and integration of ecosystem solutions. Partner companies bringing those skill sets today are Orbium, Synpulse, Excelian (a Luxoft brand), Asubium, Abaqon, GFT, Mimacom, Oepfelbaum, Prodyna, and Philico and Relutions (both signed in 2018).

This year we will be working with Excelian to bring its qualified Avaloq implementation team up to 150 staff. Excelian employs 7,000 people specializing in financial services, including a number of senior Avaloq implementation staff who joined as part of its takeover of Unafortis, an established Avaloq implementation partner.

GIM captures best practice implementation methodologies

Avaloq also continues to invest in refining a standardized implementation approach and methodology that all our clients and partners can utilize to improve overall quality and efficiency for all projects. Our Global Implementation Method (GIM 2.0) is the first key deliverable, and Avaloq will be using this extended method and approach for all new client projects.

There are five key objectives for this revised methodology:

  • To maximize implementation success rates, avoiding critical recurring issues that can affect projects
  • To improve time to market, streamlining the implementation process by providing a standard set of tasks, activities and deliverables for each project
  • To Identify the optimum implementation model: flexible and adaptable, with more agile
  • To deliver consistently better implementation quality
  • To create a tool the whole Avaloq community (clients, partner and Avaloq staff) will adopt as a standard

Continuing GIM development is being carried out jointly with two of our premium implementation partners, Orbium and Synpulse. We are currently introducing a GIM foundation training course, which will be made mandatory for all consultants working on Avaloq implementation projects. Early in 2019, we will also launch a course programme, with certification, for project managers. Details of these programmes, and all our training courses, can be found on the Avaloq Academy portal.

GIM 2.0 is now ready for use in new client implementations and the establishment of new operations. We will be working with our partners this year to make the methodology equally easy to apply to functionality upgrades for existing clients.

Published Date 29/11/18 15:16 PM

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