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Designing for clients and their journeys

By concentrating on a human-centred design-first approach, we aim to create cleaner, more user-friendly interfaces and seamless, streamlined end-to-end user experiences. The mindset has changed. What might have been seen, in the past, as the development of mortgage application functionality has become the creation of a customer journey for home buyers. The words are different, but, more importantly, so is the whole philosophy.

We are hiring more user experience (UX) designers to work collaboratively with developers, using agile sprints, to improve our current applications. This design-led approach defines the standards and methods for building new products and aligning our own development teams, our community and the third parties we work with around the disciplines and principles of great design.

A solution fine-tuned to the role

We are evolving our existing products to present a context-driven UX that can offer different search results and different views, depending on a particular user’s role. For example, the Front Workplace now shows different data for different users. Relationship managers will see a view where they can immediately search for client data, while portfolio managers will be presented with a view that helps them find portfolio holdings and valuations.

In order to get closer to the real needs and preferences of bank staff and clients, we are defining detailed personas to represent each of our end users, working outwards to determine what these individuals need to achieve in their daily lives. We are creating defined user journeys for these personas that reflect their goals, motivation and expectations and are designed to enhance the whole user experience.

These user journeys are built with Avaloq and third party apps and will be offered to all clients as standard out-of-the box solutions for different markets and banking segments (retail/universal banking, private banking or wealth management). Clients will be able to extend their solutions and opt for a SaaS or on-premises model. Our new Goal-Based Wealth Advisory solution has been built using this concept and we plan to launch a self-onboarding solution for retail clients in Q2 2019.

As an example of how this works, the relationship manager persona shown below has six possible user journeys, represented by the smaller, outer circles (trading, advisory and so on).

Personas are defined as fictional, but realistic, characters, created to represent the various user types that utilize our products in a similar way. Examples of Avaloq personas are the bank client, or, within the bank, the relationship manager and the lending specialist.

Example of user journeys, with the end user in the centre

Published Date 29/11/18 15:15 PM

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